Advancing Your Pharmacy’s Success In An Ever-Changing Market

Posted By: franchise | November 30, 2017
customer-centricity, a secret of Pharmacy's success

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly altering as new methods develop, namely the customer-centric model. The product-centric model, a way of the past, emphasizes the value of each product, virtually leaving the consumer out of the equation. Contrastly, customer-centricity returns the center of business to the customer. The customer-centric model aims to maximize the customer’s experience throughout the purchasing process, both before and after the transaction. Through this method, local pharmacy can create long-term customers, leading to higher profits.

Three Worthy Benefits of Customer-Centricity

  • Supporting Customer to Aid Sales  

Customers often experience difficulty to chose when they have to consider numerous options for a given product or service. The decision-making stage is the phase of the purchasing process where customers majorly need support. When the offers they come across at this stage are unclear or complicated, it leads to customer frustration and loss of sale. One may find such frustrated customers can at large pharmacy retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. Thus, the trend is towards consumer-focused pharmacies like Benzer Pharmacy.

  • Utilizing Customers To Improve Operation

One can achieve operational efficiency by working with customers. To keep lines short and prescriptions on time, both the pharmacy staff and the customer must be able to efficiently complete their end of the transaction. The pharmacy can aid their customers in creating a flawless service design. The benefit is an easier operation for both parties.

  • Help Change Their Life to Change Their Value of You

Consumers’ lives are constantly changing. During the time of change, customers have increased needs which the retail needs to understand and cater to in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Offering a variety of specialty services, like immunizations, helps customers to simply navigate through lives easily.

How Can Your Pharmacy Move Toward Customer-Centricity?

Although the idea of making these changes seem to be overwhelming, these changes can, and should, be made in a methodical process, rather than a one-step transition. First, consider tackling one of the above goals from the perspective of customer benefits. The implementation of basic medical practices like medication delivery, online prescription refill or prescription assistance programs are few viable options to start improving your store offering.

Don’t Do It Alone

Customer-centric pharmacies need the support of both industry leaders and customers. Fortunately, customers are enthusiastic about such initiatives that benefit them. Moreover, pharmacies don’t have to make this transition alone. There are many pharmacy franchise opportunities that can guide them through the process of customer-centricity.
As a leader in the customer-centric model, Benzer Pharmacy has years of experience in providing quality service and reliability to both their customers and franchise owners. Benzer Pharmacy ensures that each pharmacy franchise has access to in-depth training and business support. Simply put, transitioning from product-centered to customer-centered with Benzer means more repeat business, increased customer loyalty and, therefore, higher profits.

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