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Posted By: franchise | March 5, 2018
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To any independent pharmacy, or business for that matter, customer service is no game. And yet, it can still be thought of as a contest. The winners understand that doing the right things—in the right order—is how to ensure positive outcomes across the board. For example, Benzer Pharmacy is focused on spreading the importance of independent pharmacy customer service practices nationwide. Why? Well, to combat the impersonal big retail method and give the community that much needed resource. 

The losers, of course, don’t worry about going that extra mile, which delivers a not-so-appealing bottom line. 

It’s typically more difficult than it first appears. Often, it can be incredibly time-consuming, but the value customer service brings has its own competitive advantages. Just like the classic strategy game, Connect 4, where the object is to get four-chips-in-a-row by dropping them into place—up, down, across or diagonally. Independent pharmacists and business owners must retain a keen sense of how well their customer service practices line-up with the expectations of their customers.

Unsurprisingly, any shortfall on either end will cause the entire effort to come crashing down.

A game plan for long-term success

Most pharmacy leaders find out pretty quickly that picking up the pieces is a lot more frustrating than putting them in place. So, it only makes perfect sense to follow through on the basics that traditionally “make or break” the effort. Here are four suggestions (below, straight down):

Personalize the Interaction

Personalize the interaction: Encourage your staff members to write handwritten notes of thanks or special instruction when appropriate to the occasion. Lead by example and make sure they know that customer service is your highest priority at every touch point.

Walk the Talk

Talk-the-talk, but also, walk-the-walk: Get out from behind the counter and join customers at their side when looking for difficult-to-spot items. On top of that, maintain a positive attitude in place at all times and keep an eye out for slips in professionalism.

Speak Their Language

Speak their language: Take care to address any given customer by his or her name to help personalize the experience and encourage repeat business. Remember that the expectations you set today will become standard operating procedure tomorrow.

First Impression

Make that first impression count: You can’t necessarily win a customer’s business at “Hello,” but you sure can lose it. Never underestimate the power of a friendly greeting on the phone or in-person. It’s what sets the stage for every interaction to follow and should always be accompanied with a smile.

Every little thing you do can be magical or miserable—depending on the interpretation of your customers. If they feel their time has been put to good use, they’ll be more likely to spend more of it in your store in the future. That translates into real dollars and a much healthier bottom line.

Score one for the good guys.

If you’re game, Benzer Pharmacy’s Franchise offering just might be the key. Benzer Pharmacy Franchise’s team of professional pharmacy consultants can assist you in handling the administrative duties of running a pharmacy. Giving you more time to develop strategies for your independent pharmacy customer service practices to improve. Our representatives are always available to arrange a consultation or schedule a meeting to answer any pending questions. Our team of experts are prepared to assist with connecting the dots to a more profitable approach and future.

To learn more, visit or contact our own customer service department at (877) 819-8901 today.

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