How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise

Posted By: franchise | March 8, 2017
How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise

Reasons why joining Benzer Pharmacy Franchise will help you gain more profit and grow store count


Benzer Pharmacy accomplishes the pharmacy franchise business goals in one step through their franchise model, for a nominal fee.

Increased purchasing power along with the reduction of cost of goods and expenses.

As a franchise owner, your cost of goods is reduced, hence more money for the owner and higher net profits.

This is achieved through geographical positioning. Also, the chain of franchise pharmacies attracts more customers and increases dispensed prescriptions. This leads to an increase of cash flow.

In addition, independent pharmacies gain greater negotiation power while merging through the Benzer franchise model as their volumes and revenues increase.


Any Benzer store at retail can fill specialty medication. Moreover, Benzer franchise owner has the ability to procure hard to find specialty medication, further boosting sales.

In addition, Benzer corporate office performs all back-end, clinical services, and prior authorization work.

Administrative Support

Full administrative support is provided. As a single independent pharmacy owner, hiring over 50 staff to work would be a challenge.

Therefore, converting to Benzer franchise gives you access to all back-end services from the Benzer Pharmacy corporate employees. These services reduce a large portion of a franchise owner’s expenses and drive up profitability.

Marketing and Advertising

A franchise owner promotes his business locally and nationally at shared and affordable costs. This reduces the out of pocket expenses.

Additionally, there will be an intensive marketing support for campaigns and public relations events. It is not feasible for an independent pharmacy to invest in high-end marketing such as billboards, television advertisements, and radio commercials.

However, with franchising, through shared and affordable costs, pharmacies can afford this kind of marketing by sharing all expenses.


Benzer franchise management provides training to all staff to ensure the best customer service. This will help the franchise owner capture every sales opportunity.

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